Pool Maintenance

Full Service

  • Equipment inspection
  • Adjust chemicals, PH, Chlorine, Alkalinity
  • Brush and skim (each visit)
  • Clean skimmer and pump baskets
  • Backwash, and service filter upon schedule
  • Maintain cleaning system (cleaning system required)
  • Vacuum if necessary
  • Adjust, and service Salt chlorinating system as needed (if installed)

Weekly Pool & Spa Maintenance

  • Commercial & Residential Service Available
  • Serving Fountain Hills, Rio & Tonto Verde,
    Scottsdale & Gold Field Ranch
  • One time Cleans
  • Vacation Service
    (use your own chemicals)

Our Maintenance Services

  • Spa Only Monthly Service
  • Spool Monthly Service
  • Pool Monthly Service
  • Pool & Spa Monthly Service